So not Sewing! Part 3

I struggled with the skyscrapers! So many windows! How to paint them?

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I finally decided to use white to give just a hint of the windows. I used masking tape to allow me to sharpen the lines of the skyscrapers.

Now only the boats to go!

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So Not Sewing! Part 2 – Sea and Sky

I finally decided to transfer the sketch to the canvas by positioning the sketch  at the back of the canvas and shining a strong light from behind so I could trace the image. Then I built up  layers of blue paint, two for the sky and three for the sea with a final layer of paint  mixed with a thickening medium and applied with a palette knife to give texture and movement.

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Check in again to see my struggle with the skyscrapers!

Hexagonally Challenged!


Yesterday I found a half-finished project at the back of the drawer!

All those weeks ago I didn’t know what to do with it. How satisfying it was to instantly know how to complete it! And it turned out much better than I thought it would. Goes to show that it is good to sleep on a problem….many sleeps in this case!

A tote bag made from a silky green fabric, quilted and appliqued with Laura Ashley  cotton, patchwork hexagons.

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